I have no professional association with beer, brewing, brewers in this country or elsewhere.  I have recently (May 2010) started writing about beer, brewing, pubs etc for the Suite101 site. Those articles are my own work, and are not influenced by any 3rd party other than in the normal research & fact-gathering to be expected of a writer or journalist.

I am a member of the online beer community Beeradvocate (user id Vancurly). Via this forum, I know several brewers, bottle shop owners, and other beer nuts such as myself. I have met a couple face-to-face. I have not received any contra, freebie, complementary products or services from anybody in the industry. 

Edit: I have received the following free items:

August 2010:     XXXX Summer Bright Lager (6 pack), plus hat, sunglasses, thongs.
October 2010:   Endeavour Beverages Pale Ale and Amber Ale (2 of each)
April 2011:        5 litre DraftKeg of Sagres lager, in wooden crate
April 2011:        1 x 330mL Heineken bottle, plus Apple Ipod Touch, 8GB
May 2011:         6 x 750mL 32 Via dei birrai ales, plus promotional material

I am a regular customer of Dave's Home Brew store in North Sydney, and know Dave well.

I subscribe to Beeradvocate magazine (from USA), Beer & Brewer Australia & New Zealand, and Brew Your Own magazine (USA).

Any miniscule revenue I earn is via Google Adwords and Amazon Associates programs (at this moment still too low to redeem).

My opinions are my own and remain uninfluenced other than by pure experience.

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