Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brewer's Feast

Well, a pretty good concept that needs a little bit of buff  and polish. At around 1pm the brewers themselves were saying it was pretty quiet, but I think as with most festivals will grow over time.

I understand that Hart's is contemplating a quarterly event. This is a good idea as long as the number of brewers is kept fairly low, and they don't aim for big crowds.

I enjoyed the Summer Ale from True South brewery, Punch and Judy mid strength ale from Murray's, and the 6.5% Imperial Pils from Pickled Monkeys.

The event was a little slow kicking off; the beer seemed to only arrive at 11am, and there was a mad rush to get everything hooked up. No matter, we went downstairs and ordered a couple of good beers over the bar, including the new single batch oatmeal stout from Little Creatures and White Rabbit white ale.

My only real gripe was that the brewers couldn't showcase all their beers at once, saying that they would switch kegs later in the day. I was intending to stay only three hours, so this was no good for me. It was a shame as I wanted to hook into the Otway Saison, True South Wee Jimmy, Murrays Grand Cru, and Hunter Cranky Pants IPA.  So, in future, they need either more taps, or less brewers.

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