Sunday, December 26, 2010

Seasonal news

Hope everyone's having a relaxing time with some decent brews.

I haven't pushed the enveloped regarding funny beers, although I foisted a Trois Pistoles upon an appreciative bunch of blokes at a party.  Went down quite well; no match for their Crowns and Stellas :-)

I finished off my "traditional" hefe last night. Still some "summer" hefe to go, although I detect a slight souring that, although not unpleasant, may increase over the next week or so. It needs to be finished shortly.

Package beers picked up for the season included White Rabbit White Ale, and Gage Roads Sleeping Giant. The former is a wit style, with an interesting pawpaw undertone that suits the summer months. The latter is an IPA. Although having prominant IPA characteristics, seems a little awkward and lacking integration.

Anyhow, some further Lion Nathan reading:

Not surprising at all, yeah ?


  1. Hey Mike. My mum brought me back a six pack of Abbey Ale from Western Australia recently. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Just wondering if you have tried it and what you thought?

  2. G'day M,
    That'd be the New Norcia Abbey Ale brewed by Malt Shovel (and Lion Nathan, therefore).
    I tried it August 2008, when it was still a baby, and wasn't completely impressed.
    But, it has evolved since then into a stable product, and gets warm reviews on the BeerAdvocate website.


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