Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some progress on the Northern Beaches - Some......

In today's Manly Daily there is an eight page advertorial on the newly-renovated Collaroy Services Beach Club, now called "The Beach Club, Collaroy".

According to the advertisement, there are 18 beers on tap, and plenty more in the fridge.  I nearly fell off my kitchen stool. Draught deers include James Squires Pilsener, Porter, Sundowner and Matilda Bay Dogbolter, Fat Yak, and a 7% Mad Brewer Noir Stout. Little Creatures Bright Ale is on tap too, and among the bottled beers are Big Helga and Knappstein Reserve Lager.

Amazing selection for what used to be a Coopers-only kind of place (on top of the usual macro suspects).  So I dropped in, and sure enough, good beers for $5-$6 a schooner range for non-members. The club remains pretty much the way it was (I had to look hard to see what was renovated); the usual clique of smelly, hard-swearing racists, and a bistro that has never quite lived up to its potential.

Worth popping in for a slightly different beer range; I contemplated renewing my lapsed membership, but decided I wouldn't be there often enough to recoup my membership via discounted beers.

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