Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Six year hiatus

Well, it'll be interesting to see if anyone is still subscribing to this old thing...

It's been a while I know..... many other responsibilities have interfered. Not to mention the on-again-off-again relationship I now seem to have with beer (mostly physiological, sadly).

However, in recent times my diarising interests have expanded significantly, from the simple beer focus to the wider world of other alcohol species (notably spirits and wines).  Moreover, I'm developing an interest in better BBQ-ing, smoking, slow-cooking, as well as curing meats and fermenting/preserving other foods. A lot to do, a lot to document.

And, life is too short to spend in the kitchen or the yard.  Sydney (and Australia, generally) has expanded significantly over the last half-decade, in the realms of quality pubs, distilleries, micro breweries and so forth.  Time to investigate.

So.... a new blog is springing forth:

Might try to salvage some still-relevant posts from this.  And (ideally), cross-pollinate with future posts on beer, breweries, and pubs.

Hope to see you over there....

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