Saturday, May 15, 2010

Visit to Belgian Beer Cafe Cammeray

Took family to Epoque Belgian Beer Cafe yesterday. They're very good at hosting kids, with waiters very friendly and providing colouring in.

We had a quick bite: some chips & mayo, and a selection of tasting plates, including the must-have cheese balls, salt & pepper squid, and pork belly pieces.  Each under $10, and excellent companion food for the beers.

All Belgian BeersSpeaking of which....

My wife enjoys Hoegaarden, so had a small one which she sat on for the duration.  I was a little less reserved.

Started with Timmermans Gueuze... a fantastic lambic, beautifully sour, but with apple notes and that funky, just been through a hessian sack element as well. $11.90 5%.

Next tried (for me) a new offering. Satan's Gold comes in at 8% and $11.30 a bottle. Unusually for Belgian beers, this has a big, fresh green hop element. Belgians tend to go more to restrained and/or aged hops. But this beer provided hints of Pilsener in its hops, but backed up with usual chewy, estery malt & yeast components.

Saison Silly (5%, $9.20) gives blackcurrant aromas, but sherry notes. I was able to draw a comparison with older Coopers Vintage ales.

Finally, finished with Trappiste Rochefort 8.  I think about $15, and 8-odd%. Served a bit too cold, but once warmed between the hands, offers that delightful malty dried fruit complexity the brewery is known for.

Food great, beer always great (but not cheap), and service outstanding.

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