Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1st Anniversary, 100th Issue

Well, this my 100th post, and 363 days since my first post. That's about two posts a week, although during my employment hiatus, the rate was much higher, of course.

Thanks everyone for taking an interest, and particularly those who have posted comments and/or abused me later for my self-indulgence :-)

Thanks also to those who sent me samples and other gratuities for my consideration and comment. It was an unexpected benefit of blogging; I think my independence remains relatively intact, however.

Some interesting statistics.

  • Page views are growing at an average of 18% per month. Would be good if I got some pay-per-view revenue, yeah ?
  • The most popular entries to date are those pertaining newly released Australian macro beers.

    Specifically, XXXX Summer Bright Lager (comment blog, and review blog), which together amount to 9% of all page views.  Although only a recent entry, my review of Hahn White is following a similar pattern.

    While I would prefer the highest hits to be on the smaller, micro beers, and maybe my homebrewing ponderings, this indicates how much the beer-drinking public is still firmly anchored in the big brewing companies.

    But on the upside, it at least shows they're taking an interest in newly-released beers a little different to what they're used to.  And, ideally, while in the blog they might stroll around and learn that there's more to the eye (tongue) than what's available at the local boozer.
  • 57% of my audienced is Australian, 23% American, 5% Russian, 3% British.
    I even got 12 hits from Iran last month.  ‘as-salaamu ‘alaykum
  • Other than from Google, I get a good amount of traffic from The Bok and Roo Blog, and Slowbeer. Thanks for the support, guys.

With a sardonic nod to sitcoms where the writers run out of ideas, I might reflect on a couple of my favourite posts. Feel free to comment.

Thanks all, again.

I ain't done yet.... plenty more to come.


  1. well done on bringing up the ton, got there myself not that long ago. As for the stats, looking at the numbers is addictive, especially where the trafic comes from, I've had some wierd ones, sometimes I wonder how much is spam?

  2. Congrats on the 1 year anniversary! Keep up the good work promoting the local stuff and championing the little guy!

    And, "You're welcome!"

  3. Good on yer for achieving the milestone, and I look forward to more reviews of the macros... this of course then means i can avoid them like the plague.


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