Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Article: Using Hops in Home Brewing

At this risk of writing about the bleeding obvious, I decided to pen my next Suite 101 article on hops. My latest brewing endeavours got me thinking about the different ways of late & dry hopping, so I did a bit of reading up on different methods, and wrote a quick 600 words.

I just love the "Randall"; locally, I think the Wig & Pen in Canberra has rigged one up on occasion. Perhaps others around the country too.  It's not a particularly good option for the home brewer. Firstly you need a lot of hop flowers to make it viable, and some space, and all the connectors from serving tank to the tap. And it needs to be big enough for the beer to hang around long enough to pick up the volatile oils.  But then the beer needs to be rechilled before serving.

Oh well, I like the concept; I won't be building one in the near future, however.

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