Monday, June 7, 2010

Beer review: Murray's Icon Double IPA

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Murray's Icon Double IPA
American IPA 7.5%
True Brew Double IPA Homebrew Beer Ingredient KitOverall: A- / 4.25  look: 4.5 smell: 4.5 taste: 4 feel: 4 drink: 4.5
Served by Murray Howe at the brewery outlet. A fresh minikeg too.
Pours a superb dark orange/russet/amber, with a thick white head & lace. Sitting in the courtyard, it looks fantastic in the morning light. Smells like a malt factory, with lovely tropical fruit aromas. Fresh flavours, pine resin, citrus, slight spicy tingle, like fresh ginger, although I could also pull out similarities to nutmeg, musk, szechuan pepper, or tea-tree even. Big bitterness of course. Tastes similar to aroma, with a lovely balance & firm bitterness. Chewy, remarkable.
Highly recommended for enthusiasts, the curious, and the open-minded. Low-carb/clear/dry-style lovers should be warned that this beer has real flavour.
Serving type: on-tap

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